Privacy Policy

Please note that the privacy of all our players is a top priority of ours. Here you can learn more about the ways we collect and use information through our website, and the security measures that we run for making sure all your information is safe with us.

The IP address helps us identify you and lets us know when a server error occurs. Upon your signing up with us, you are required to provide certain information, such as contact details (your name and e-mail address), unique identifiers (for example, your ID number) and some financial details such as your credit card number.

The contact information you have provided may be used to get in touch with you and send you relevant information and notifications regarding our services. We need the personal identifiers to verify your identity and connect it to your online account with us. We do not and will not transfer, sell or provide it any other way to any person or organization outside of our company.

Please note that there is a number of security measures that protect any information you share within our system from unauthorized use, loss or theft.

Should you have any questions or issues about the safety of the information you have shared with us, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Centre who are there to help you 24/7 and can provide further details about any changes.

None of the possible financial operations can happen before it is authorized by the player through entering their login details and any other security checks and authorizations required by our e-commerce partners to ensure that the transaction is safe and legitimate. They also have their Fraud Prevention departments to ascertain that all client’s details are kept safe and that no data is disseminated in any way unless specifically authorized with regards to making a transaction.

We also keep details of all transactions on file so whenever necessary, we can access that information. 128-Bit encryption is always used when transferring any data, financial one included. Our players have their own account number and name and upon registering, they choose a password themselves to ensure maximum protection of their account and for security reasons we do not keep the passwords on file, so if you happen to forget yours, we will not be able to retrieve it for you but we can help you reset it on your own.  


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