1. White Lotus Casino (addressed as “the company" further in the text) is an interactive gaming website (addressed as "the website").

2. The use of the website is restricted to individuals of legal age who live in a country/area  where the use of the company's website is not prohibited by law.
3. The games that are listed at the company’s website can be played either for consideration or for free as per the different game modes that are arranged and set.


1. Any person  using the games/software on the company's website (this person being called “the player” below) agrees that he/she has read the terms and conditions below and agrees with them as follows:

1.1. It is strongly advised that you take part in any gambling events only if you are of legal age and only if it is legal for you to do so as per the laws in the country you reside/play from. We cannot assist you with any legal advice of provide any assurances.

1.2. The player is informed that he/she may play games either free of charge (fun mode) or for a consideration (real money mode);

1.3. The player states that he/she does not find any of the games and/or services provided on the company's website offensive, unfair or indecent;

1.4. The player warrants that he/she shall not hold the company, its employees, its officers, its directors, its licensees, its distributors, its wholesalers, its affiliates, its subsidiaries, its advertising and/or promotion agencies, its media partners, its agents and/or retailers liable in any way, arising from any cause whatsoever.

1.5. The player understands and confirms that the company cannot be held liable for any expenses, losses and damages of any nature that might occur if the player:

1.5.1. accesses and uses the company’s website and the services provided by the company;

1.5.2. uses of the materials and products posted on the company’s webpage;

1.5.3. accesses the company’s server;

1.5.4. plays any game listed on the company’s website;

1.5.5. accepts any winnings or payouts;

1.5.6. makes a transaction of any kind concerning the company;

1.6. The player agrees and confirms that he/she will not use any account or play any game provided by the company, access its website or accept any prize if he/she does not understand or agree to the terms and conditions listed on the company’s website;

1.7. The player confirms that he/she shall follow all the rules, terms and conditions established by the company and posted on its website;  

1.8. The player understands that the terms and conditions are subject to change at times so he confirms it is his responsibility to check for any updates and changes;

1.9. The player confirms that he/she and he/she alone is responsible to all transactions linked to his gaming account at the company;

1.10. The player agrees to keep all his/hers login details and other account information confidential and will not transmit it to third parties in any way or for any purpose;

1.11. In the event that a player's account information and confidential information ("information") in relation thereto (e.g. access codes, passwords, credit cards or banking details and the like) should become known to any third party, whether or not the player is aware thereof, the player indemnifies the company and will not hold the company liable for any losses or damages as a result of it. The player confirms that the company cannot be held responsible to any loss or damage that has occurred as a result of confidential information being known by a third party regardless of the way it was obtained by them;

1.12. All information provided by our players is strictly confidential and will not be sold to any third parties.

1.13. All transactions of the players are also treated as confidential and the company will not reveal any details about them except when required by the law. Please note that any criminal and/or suspicious behavior will be reported to the relevant law enforcement departments.

1.14. Upon creating an account at the company’s website or software, all players agree that the company may investigate the creditworthiness of the player, as well as the validity of the supplied information, monitor the created account as often as deemed needed and look into any transactions that are considered irregular in any way. The company may ask the player to provide documentation validating his/her account at any point when such validation is needed.

1.15. The Company reserves the right not to pay out winnings and to also void wagers if a Player is found to manipulate the games in a fraudulent way or the software itself malfunctions.

1.16. The company reserves the right to perform an audit to any player’s account whenever necessary, including all financial transactions within it and any information provided by the player upon signing up and at any point afterwards.

1.17. If an audit shows that there have been irregularities with regards to the player's account, fraudulent bonus use and/or recovery of any financial institution, the account may be adjusted accordingly by the relevant departments of the company and their decision is final and not a subject to change;

1.18. The player understands that he/she is allowed to have only one active account and that both addresses he/she has provided upon creating the account (a physical and an e-mail one) are valid;

1.19. The company reserves the right to impose at its discretion any further limits as it may deem necessary in respect of accounts originating from environments where computers are shared (for example university campuses, internet café's, etc);

1.20. Financial considerations will only be paid to players that abide by the rules of  having one active account with a valid physical address and valid e-mail address. These players will need to verify their accounts before requesting their first withdrawal as a standard and one-off procedure by providing certain documentation in order to do so.

1.21. In the event that a player, his immediate family or household's address has more than one active account with the company, provide any incorrect details and/or credit card details which do not correctly match the account details, all winnings will be voided from his/hers accounts except for the cases when there is a special agreement between the company and the player, set in writing beforehand;

1.22. If a player commits any fraudulent actions regarding the company or violates the terms and conditions set by it, the company reserves the right to close the account and void the funds that are in it at the time;

1.23. All players, account holders, any persons accessing, using, re-using the company's website, games and/or services provided by the company agree that they have read the terms and conditions for using the software, the website and the provided services, that they understand their content and meaning and that they engage in any transactions at their own risk and free will. The company is not responsible for any losses that the player might incur regardless of the reason.

1.24. All players’ accounts that are inactive for over 6 month will be deemed to be inactive and any balance in such accounts will be forfeited to the Company.

1.25.  Wagering on Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Pontoon, War, Sic-Bo, Black Jack and Video Poker does not contribute to fulfilment of wagering requirements.

1.26. It is not permitted for a player to use White Lotus Casino as a means of converting EWallet funds, Bitcoin or any other Crypto currency to any form of FIAT.

      Such activities would fall under our money laundering policies and will not be permitted. Any deposits made by means of Crypto Currencies will require a minimum of a 1 x (times) wagering requirement before any cash out can be      requested.

      Should any bonus funds be used in combination with the Crypto Currency deposit such funds would be subject to the wagering requirements as attached to the bonus used.

      Furthermore betting activities must fall in line with the intended purpose of White Lotus Casino and the placing of bets which would not be acceptable where a regular currency is used still apply to Crypto Currency activities.

      This would include activities on Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Pontoon, War, Sic-Bo, Black Jack and Video Poker and any other games where hedge betting patterns are possible.

      Any cash out which is related to such activities will be declined and such winnings from these funds could be removed due to these activities.

This website is owned and operated by Paxson Marketing

All available promotions are listed at the cashier, on our website and in the inbox of the players’ accounts. Please refer to the Terms and conditions page for further information about the bonuses and the rules for using them.


The company defines money laundering as any act or attempt to disguise the source of money or assets derived from criminal activity. Money laundering is a criminal offence. the company is committed to preventing the use of its entertainment services for money-laundering purposes, by establishing policies and processes to ensure that only legitimate clients may use the services provided by the company.

Staff are trained to recognize and react appropriately to unusual or potential money-laundering activity and understand their legal obligations to report activity and transactions, and appropriate records of client information and transactions are retained.

The company will work to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism (hereinafter referred to as "Money Laundering") by implementing the following policies.

The company recognizes the importance of preventing money laundering, and therefore will comply with international and domestic laws and establish appropriate policies.

The company will stipulate roles and internal controls within the systems under its control.

The company will implement and maintain appropriate measures to conduct customer identification. 
Management will train employees in matters related to the prevention of money laundering so that employees can implement immediate and appropriate measures for customer identification. 

The company will implement and maintain measures to confirm accounts which are frozen in relation to terrorist activities. 
The company will train employees in matters related to the prevention of money laundering so that employees can implement immediate and appropriate measures for confirming accounts frozen in relation to terrorist activities. 

The company will implement and maintain measures for handling suspicious transactions. 
Any money laundering activity will be reported to te relevant authorities in accordance with FATF 40, including suspicious transaction reports. 
The company will implement immediate and appropriate measures for handling suspicious transactions. the company will train employees in matters related to the prevention of money laundering so that employees can implement immediate and appropriate measures for handling suspicious transactions. 

The company will check the adequacy of the Anti–Money Laundering Policy and compliance with the Policy, and continuously improve internal controls based on the outcomes of these checks.

The company will endeavor to comply to all laws and policies against money laundering, fraud or other criminal activities, and terrorism.
The company is developing various solutions to assist in complying with the reporting obligations including the development and rollout of a suspicious activity reporting system and large cash reporting system for all staff. All clients in our client databases are subject to detailed analysis to ensure that accurate and correct details have been provided. All transactions are inspected on an hourly basis for evidence of fraud and/or money laundering, and appropriate steps will be taken to ensure that all suspicious activity is recorded and brought to an end.